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Customers feedback and their satisfaction is key to BLS:
this is why BLS offers a promotional sample packed
in a practical and handy box.

technical data

The folding filtering facepieces are made of strips of filtering material which ensure a snug fit to the face of the user.

The large surface of the filtering facepiece guarantees greater coverage of the user’s face and facilitates breathing ensuring better duration and lower breathing resistance.

To avoid the possible contamination of the product (as required for example by some pharmaceutical and food industries) the internal nosepiece is placed between two layers of fabric so as to reduce the aluminium parts of the PPE to a minimum.

The handy pocket size individual packaging offers greater convenience and improved hygiene for the user.

Quick and innovative opening ensures maximum ease of use and hygiene of the product.

The market is increasingly more sensitive to devices that minimize the presence of metal parts. To meet this need, the filtering facepieces line “flick it” are assembled with heat sealed elastic.